Marketing from a midlife perspective

About Us

What is Chapter Two Collective? 

We are bloggers. Influencers. Marketing experts.  On our second chapter of life, we are creating a new way to look at marketing from a midlife perspective.

Frustrated by a focus in marketing on the younger demographic, Chapter Two Collective was founded in 2017 by veteran (and GenX) lifestyle blogger and social media marketing expert, Julie Cohn.  A longtime cheerleader of professional bloggers and their role in social media marketing, Julie sought to recognize and support creators in the midlife blogger demographic often overlooked by brands and marketing because of their age. 

Today, Chapter Two Collective has thirty-nine members, each chosen for their professionalism, unique talents, and sense of community.  Our focus internally is to support each other and the midlife community personally and professionally through education/training, collaboration, and friendship. Our goal is to remind brands that midlife consumers are a powerful force. Chapter Two Collective creators work with brands on digital and social media marketing content targeted to midlife consumers.  

Our creators bring something extraordinary to the Chapter Two team and the brands we work with.  With over 30+ years of professional experience each, we come from a variety of backgrounds including law, medicine, advertising, public relations/communications, education, journalism, catering, the military, the travel industry, accounting, interior design, technology, fashion, and small business.  Our creators are talented artists, designers, writers, photographers, videographers, SEO experts, podcasters, recipe developers, and mixologists.


Our creators are selected not just for their knowledge and talents, but their authenticity, integrity, and professionalism.  When we say our Chapter Two Collective creators are rock stars, we mean it.  


With all this experience, you’d think we’d be a bit full of ourselves, but we are too busy building relationships. We pride ourselves on our ability to authentically connect and engage with our audience, each other, and the brands we work with. A group of influencers more concerned with developing genuine relationships than padding their numbers? 

Crazy, huh?  


We’ve been around the block enough to know the smart way to succeed is together so teamwork is the cornerstone of our organization. We build on each others strengths and improve on our weaknesses, we lift each other up, and celebrate every individual accomplishment because when one of us succeeds, we all do. When an exceptional group of people come together to learn, grow, and work together and partner with brands to do the same, it’s pretty magical! 

We Can Do It All.    

Society would like us to believe it’s time to be put out to pasture, but that’s just bull. Midlife men and women are vibrant and adventurous, smart and imaginative, fearless and sophisticated. Always on the go, we work hard and play hard, have discerning tastes, money to spend, and more time to spend it.  We are a marketers dream!

Isn’t It Time for Brand Marketing to Catch Up?  

We know midlife because we are midlife.  We know what Gen X/Baby Boomer men and women are talking about, purchasing, and using.  We use this firsthand knowledge to brainstorm, create, and execute targeted marketing campaigns to midlife and multi-generational lifestyles.

We Collaborate, Influence, and Amplify as a Team. 

At Chapter Two Collective, we use our collective knowledge, creativity, and experience to help brands better understand the power of the midlife demographic by building smart marketing campaigns that target the who, what, where, how, why, and who of midlife.