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The 20+ Best Places to Visit in January That Should Be On Your Radar

The 20+ Best Places to Visit in January That Should Be On Your Radar

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Had enough of winter? Maybe you are looking for warm places to visit in January. There are some great places to visit in January where you can get some much needed R&R after the end of year rush that is usually the December holidays. Perhaps you are someone who is looking to embrace winter in all of its cold snowy glory? Ski resorts are good places to visit in January because the snow is sure and the skiing guaranteed. And, most kids are back at school so the prices come down after the New Year’s celebrations.  Here’s our roundup of 20+ best places to visit in January whether you are seeking snow or sand.

Travel in January

Travel in January offers up plenty of options because prices are lower after the Christmas/New Years rush. There are plenty of places to go in January where you can get some great deals because in many places the month is considered off-season.

Here are 9 tips to help you find cheap airfares to get you where you want to be! And once you’ve sorted out how to get there, here are some ways to find affordable hotel rooms!

The best places to visit in January in the world depends on whether you are looking for warm weather or snow. Either way here is our round up of the best places to visit in January.

So, what are you waiting for?

Best City Breaks In January

The best city breaks in January really depends on your interests. Even in the North, you can wrap up warm and brave the elements. For example, hang out with the cool kids in trendy Alphabet City in New York City. Take in a Broadway show, visit the museums – there’s plenty of indoor fun to be had in New York.

Dish Our Town Alphabet City
Photo by Brenda Tolentino

No need to wrap up warm in Las Vegas. Or further south in the southwest.  Rent a comfy cabin in Ruidoso, New Mexico or take a scenic drive on the Joshua Tree Forest Parkway in Arizona.

Best Cruises for January

With the kids back in school, why don’t you consider a Disney cruise? A Disney Cruise is one of the best cruises for January because you can indulge your inner child with all the privileges of being an adult. Check out these 15 things adults can do on a Disney Cruise which run the gamut from leisurely spa days to evening entertainment like shows and parties.

Why not consider a Carnival Cruise to Cuba for travel in January? It’s not the easiest place to visit on your own so it is one of the best cruises for January that you can take. The Carnival Cruise stops off at several ports such as Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago. With great weather, it’s also an option for one of the best tropical vacations in January.

Or, go further afield. January is a great time to be in Egypt because the weather is hot and dry. A Nile River cruise is one of the best cruises for January. A Nile cruiser will take you to visit monuments that are thousands of years old and an agrarian way of life that has changed little despite the coming and going of empires.

Best Tropical Vacations in January

If a Caribbean cruise isn’t your thing, but you are still looking for warm places to visit in January, check out these ideas for the best tropical vacations in January!

It may be in the Caribbean but you don’t even need to leave the United States. Here are 47 cool things to do in Puerto Rico from people-watching, water sports, cultural activities and yummy dining. There IS a a reason that Puerto Rico was named number 1 on the annual list the New York Times Best Places To Go for 2019.

If you would like hot weather places to visit in January, then why not check out the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic offers both amazing beaches as well as loads of national parks if you are searching for more things to do. The secluded Los Haitises National Park in the Dominican Republic was voted one of the top 10 places to visit last year by Lonely Planet.

Warm Places in January

When you think of places to visit in January in the United States, Florida always springs to mind. After all, it is called the sunshine state for a reason and the haunt of many snowbirds searching for warm places in January. Jacksonville makes a great place to visit in Florida, where you can learn to surf or go kayaking.

Dana Freeman Travels Jacksonville
Photo by Dana Freeman

Speaking of Florida, why not consider a trip to Busch Gardens? There’s one in Florida where you can take advantage of the state’s great weather. Travel in January to Busch Gardens is great for adults because in winter they feature lots of live music as well. This theme park will be relatively kid-free since most children are back at school – no waiting in long lines and you can ride as many times as you want!

Best Places To Ski in January

Of course you are spoiled for choice when picking the best places to ski in January (at least in the Northern hemisphere!).

In the United States, check out the great ski resorts of New Hampshire! They are super family friendly and a great place to introduce your children to skiing.

Daily Adventures of Me Vermont
Photo by Jamie Italiane Decubellis

There are actually so many great places to ski on the East Coast of the USA which can make a good weekend destination from major metropolitan areas like Boston, Philadelphia, New York City and Washington D.C.

If you are on the West Coast of the USA, check out these good places to visit in January that are great options for skiing on the West Coast, including Utah!

If you find yourself in Europe and you are looking for ski options, we’ve got some great ideas for where to visit in January for ski buffs below.

Best Places in Europe in January

The best places in Europe in January depends on how much warmth and sunshine you are looking for.

If you want a city break that is all about food and culture AND is relatively warm, check out the city of Bologna in Italy. We have visited Bologna in January and can whole heartedly recommend as one of the best places to go in January.

If you are looking for warm places in January, Spain has plenty of options for good places to visit in January. After all, Spain is the equivalent of Florida for northern Europeans fleeing the cold. You can eat and drink your way through the major cities like Madrid and Barcelona. In the south of Spain near Malaga, it’s definitely great golf weather and occasionally good beach weather.

The Alps in Europe are one of the best places to ski in January. Resorts like Chamonix and Val d’Isere offer world-class skiing with plenty of English speaking facilities and coaches. And, did we mention the good food and wine?? There’s more to winter food on the ski slopes than melted cheese but that is always a good spot to start!

Rachel Ruminations Val D'Aran
Photo by Rachel Heller

But did you know that the Pyrenees in Spain offer some of the best skiing in Europe as well? It costs less than the French Alps but the skiing is just as fabulous. In fact, skiing in the Val d’Aran is great with both kids and with family members who don’t ski because there is plenty of other things to do.

Sort of like the mainland USA, some of the best weather in Europe in January is actually on its islands. We consider Tenerife with its amazing black sand beaches to be the best Canary Island in January.

What about you? Which do you consider to be the best place to visit in January? Tell us below.

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